Our desire is to become a community where every individual would both experience from Jesus and express to people the great love that Jesus has for us. We are firmly convinced that all of this cannot happen in isolation. To that end, we will strive to Connect more people to Jesus by connecting them to the community at Mt. Washington United Methodist Church. We want to Celebrate all of life together. We believe that as we worship and serve together, laugh and cry together, work, play, and rest together, experiment together, forgive one another, communicate with each other – our connection to Jesus will grow and we will be connected to one another.we are grateful that God accepts us and loves us wherever we are. We are also grateful that God does not leave us there. We believe connected people grow. We are committed to providing frameworks and structures that Cultivate growth in people’s lives. We believe growing people change. We strive to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, and we are becoming a community that Changes Lives so that the world might be changed. Here’s what we know – a CHANGED world is made up of CHANGED communities which are made up of CHANGED families which are made up of CHANGED individuals.